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SAT40C Articulated Truck
Total Power:
390 kW
Maximum Torque:
2300 NM
Load Weight
41 T


Product Description

Articulated Dump Mining Truck(ADT) is a kind of bulk material short-distance transportation equipmentwhich is widely used in large-scale construction of mining industry and various industries.

ADT has advantages of strong pull, good flexibility, wide adaptability, high production efficiency, lowoperation cost, mainly for the poor conditions of off highway roads, such as soft muddy road, narrow roads, steep road, sharp turn road. It is mainly used in mining, water conservancy and hydropower, forestry development and so on.

SAT40 Articulated Dump Truck has the advantages of safety, comfort, reliability, durability, high efficiency andenergy saving, and fully meet the operating requirements under harsh conditions.

High efficiency and energy saving: using Mercedes Benz EFI diesel engine and ZF specialautomatic transmission, to achieve real-time accurate control of fuel injection and automatictransmission, built-in torque converter lock function, with high energy efficiency.

Safe and comfortable: using fops/rops design, multi dimensional braking system to ensuretraffic safety, the noise is less than 78db.

Reliable durability: the core components with the world’s top professional products,

structural parts using high strength plate special process manufacturing, to ensure that themachine is reliable and durable.