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Mining Dumper

Gross Power:
390kW, 530HP@2100rpm
Max. Torque:
12.54 L(765 in³)


Product Description

SKT90S wide-body dump truck independently developed by Sany Heavy Equipment integrated the technologies of wide-body mining truck” and classic mining truck” and made special upgrades for critical parts, including frame, suspension, steering system, and cab, to offer the customers with all-new mining transport products of high cost-performance, high attendance rate, and high safety.

High-strength frame
The all-new designed low-stress and high-strength frame effectively prevents the fatigue breakage of frame and reduce the overall stress level by 51% compared with competing products.

Hydro-pneumatic suspension
The hydro-pneumatic suspension technology is applied to replace the traditional leaf spring structure, remarkably improve the life and comfort of the machine, thoroughly solve the frequent breakage problem of front suspension leaf springs in the industry, and promote the attendance rate of the machine. The hydro-pneumatic suspension features excellent shock-absorbing and damping performance to remarkably improve the load application of frame and prolong the life of frame.

Full-hydraulic steering + emergency steering
The full-hydraulic steering makes the steering easier and safer.

The full-hydraulic steering design concept of traditional mining truck is applied to solve the industry’s heavy steering problem due to the heavy truck type mechanical steering.

In addition, the emergency steering device is installed to solve the presently industry’s safety accidents due to steering failure during the emergency braking in event of power failure of the machine.

Intelligent electric system
The“ Two-in-one” electronic control module features high intelligence and incorporates the electric malfunction self-diagnosis to solve the customers’ actual troubleshooting difficulties.

It’s equipped with 10″ large central control screen, reversing camera, and mobile phone Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with the mine intelligent management system.

The built-in GPS module enables the effective monitoring on the running status of machine.

Hydraulic retarder
The automatic transmission is easy to operate, and equipped with retarder, which can solve the problem that the braking force of the vehicle braking system drops seriously due to the heat recession when trucks go downhill with heavy load, so as to ensure the braking safety of the whole machine.

All-new appearance
The all-new interior and exterior modeling features more overall fullness feeling and brings about better visual impact. The airtightness of the cab is improved to achieve better sound-proof and dust-proof performance. The reasonable human-machine arrangement improves the operating comfort.


The mining special flexible structure is applied and the longitudinal beams are in (10+10+8) large section structure to achieve powerful bending and distortion resistance. The frame features high stiffness and impact resistance. The high stress areas are partially enhanced to achieve higher frame strength.


The all-skeleton structure improves the safety. The large-area windscreen design with wind rate provides the driver with a broad vision.